act4tv Kids

Leeds Studio

Upon enrollment to an act4tv Kids Class at our Leeds studio, you will be supplied with a password. This password is only valid for that specific class and will give you exclusive access to view and download recorded sessions, scripts, worksheets, etc.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

At act4tv, our priority has to be the safety and well-being of everyone at act4tv & act4tv Kids & Youth. Due to the risks posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, act4tv has carried out a Covid-19 Risk Assessment.


Click on the box that relates to your class and enter the password to access your exclusive content.

Block 10

First Class: 04 JUL 21

Final Class: 25 JUL 21

Block 1

First Class: 12 SEP 21

Final Class: 03 OCT 21

Block 2

First Class: 10 OCT 21

Final Class: 31 OCT 21